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MARTONAIR AIR FLOW CONTROLGRSS-1 Solid shaft, stainless steel side mount coupler



BIN-MASTER-299-0009 BIN-MASTER-299-0010

GRP-11, Economical polyethylene paddle for light materials up to 30 lb/ft³. 3 vane paddle, 7” diameter.paddles, plastic, Marlex HMN-4550

GRP-12, Economical polyethylene paddle for medium materials 30 to 70 lb/ft³. 3 vane paddle, 5” diameterpaddles, plastic, Marlex HMN-4550



BIN-MASTER-416-0100 BIN-MASTER-416-0152


GRP-2, paddle, for medium materials from 30 to 70pcf. 3 blades ss, turns in 5"ø. Blades are 1-1/2" wide



BIN-MASTER-416-0153 BIN-MASTER-416-0154

GRP-3, paddle, for heavy materials over 70pcf. single blade, ss, turns in 5"ø. Insertable blade is 2-1/2" long, 1/8" thick and 1" wide.

GRP-23, paddle, for medium to heavy materials, single bayonet blade, ss, insertable paddle blade is 1" wide X 1/8" thick



BIN-MASTER-416-0160 BIN-MASTER-416-0161

GRP-22, paddle, for heavy materials over 70pcf. 3 bladed ss, turns in 5"ø. Blades are 1" wide X 1/8" thick

GRP-1, paddle, for light materials up to 30 pcf; 3 blades ss, turns in 7"ø. Blades are 2" wide.



BIN-MASTER-416-0259 BIN-MASTER-416-0261

GRP-24 paddle, 12” Belt paddle for use in heavy material with large particulate size.

GRP-25, paddle, for extremely light materials; 3 blades ss, turns in 5.5"ø. Blades are 5" wide and 1/16" thick



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